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So long, New York City!

Well, here we are. I’ve thought of a thousand ways to say goodbye to the city that I’ve called home for nearly eight years, but it was difficult to find the words that would properly pay tribute to such a significant portion of my life. So, I’ll try. How can you summarize eight years, 11 apartments and thousands of subway rides into several paragraphs? How can you say farewell to […]

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‘Hey, baby!’ A word about catcalling…

I live in NYC, where people walk everywhere. We walk to the subway, we walk to the grocery store, we walk to the gym. This is awesome, but it does expose women to a lot of unwanted leering, comments and attention. There are many schools of thought on catcalling, but to me, it’s just an all-around bad idea. I don’t like it. I find it annoying, and while most of the time […]

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